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Annie Clemmer Funk : 1874-1912

Miss Annie Clemmer Funk was born on 12 April 1874 in Bally, Pennsylvania.

She was the daughter of James Bechtel Funk and Susanna (Susan) Clemmer, of Boyertown, Pa.. 

James was a well-to-do grist mill owner at Palm.

In December 1906, Annie became the first female Mennonite missionary and was sent to Janjgir India where she lived and worked for five years.  In July 1907 she opened a one-room school for girls, where she initially taught 17 girls. She got closer to the people by learning Hindi. 


A telegram forced her in the end to return to Bally: "Come home at once. Mother very ill. Have purchased on two ships".

She left Janjgir by train to Bombay, boarded the Persian and disembarked at Marseille. The train and boat brought her to England and finally to Liverpool, where the Haverford was to carry her home to America. Because of the coal-strike the ship was laid off, so Thos. Cook & Sons offered her to change to the Titanic for "a few more gold pieces", as she wrote. She bought her second class ticket number 237671 for 13.

She enjoyed the first days by celebrating her 38th birthday.  In the night of the sinking, she was asleep in her cabin, was woken by the stewards, dressed and went on deck.  Annie, according to a confirmed report, unselfishly relinquished her place in a lifeboat to a mother with children.  She was about to enter a lifeboat, when a woman came from behind, pushing her aside by calling: "My children, My children".



Horace Funk, her brother, a teacher of the eleventh grade of the high school here, went to New York in search of his sister.  Her body, if recovered, was never identified.


Mother, Susanna CLEMMER was born in 1845. She died in 1913. Parents: David G. CLEMMER and Mary BECHTEL.

Father, James Bechtel FUNK was born in 1845. He died in 1929.

--  Father: Philip Hoch Funk b: 17 NOV 1819 -- Mother: Anna Bechtel b: 20 JAN 1822

-- -- Father: Henry Shelly Funk, Rev., b: 25 MAR 1787 in PA Mother: Mary Hoch b: 3 SEP 1791 in Berks Co., PA

-- -- -- Father: Jacob Showalter Funk, Rev. b: 20 MAY 1761 in Montgomery Co, PA Mother: Mary Shelly b: BET 1760 AND 1765

-- -- -- -- Father: Henry Funk, Jr b: ABT 1730 in Montgomery Co, PA Mother: Barbara Saunders Showalter b: ABT 1735

-- -- -- -- -- Father: Heinrich Funck \ Funk , Jr b: BET 1694 AND 1702 in Germany (the Palatinate) or Holland

-- -- -- -- -- Mother: Anna Christina Meyer b: ABT 1707 in Philadelphia Co (now Montgomery Co,) PA

-- -- -- -- -- -- Father: Heinrich Funck \ Funk b: ABT 1664 in Germany Mother: Veronica \ Franey (nee unknown) Funck b: ABT 1669

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Father: Hans Heinrich Funck b: ABT 1639 Mother: Barbel Frey b: 1639 in Canton Zurich, Switzerland

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Father: Heinrich Funck b: ABT 1615 in Mettmenstetten, Canton Zurich, Switzerland Mother: Cathrina Meili ~1612

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Father: Jacob Funck b: ABT 1580 in Switzerland Mother: Anna Naf b: ABT 1575 in Switzerland