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Welcome to our family pages.  We are Jay Funk and Barbra Ballard Funk and these pages are a labor of love for our children and the reset of the family.  These pages are simply an attempt to research and document where our families have come from, plus any other interesting tid-bits.

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From: mark funk <>
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2021 12:25 PM
Subject: question about joseph funk/eliza nichols


i noticed under the section about daniel l funk in the research area several references to joseph funk marrying eliza nichols. is that joseph funk in anyway connected to any of the other funks on your website? i can't find anything stating that daniel l funks son joseph ever married ,only born 1805 died after1805.

  the joseph funk who married eliza nichols was my 2nd greatgrandfather and i  can't find info about exactly who his father was.

 mark funk


From: Tom Seymour

Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 8:43 PM

To: Jay Funk

Subject: Re: family history

Jay, the family did more searching and found info. My great-great g-father was Joseph Funk [1855-1927] He was born in Henry county, Ind.--married to Margaret Ann Foster. Joe's father was Nathanial [1826-1909] and mother was Eliza J. Courtney [1829=1866.Nathanial was born in Rockingham county, Va. Tried to look for info but no luck. Family tree going backward from Nathanial would be Martin [1800-1881]--John Funk-died 1842--Henry Funk REV WAR--Bishop Henry Funk born in Switzerland-died1760. I wish there was a way to copy the New Hampton, Mo. Centenial family info. Is there a church or business address I could use to mail you copies of family history? Hoping you pulled up Jesse Nathanial Funk. He was a stretcher bearer in WWI and with his C.O. shot but still alive, he ran under fire to his aid and back. He died years later in Co. from the poisonious gas he breathed . Looking forward to talking to you. Tom&Sherri


On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:24 AM,

Jay Funk wrote:

Tom, Thanks for your message. Any information you want to add (or correct) to my website would be appreciated. Thanks, Jay Funk


From: Tom Seymour

Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 9:35 PM

To: Jay Funk

Subject: family history Hi Jay and Barb, my name is Tom Seymour and my mom was a Funk with family tree going back to Bishop Henry and son Henry. Henry is our tracable grandfather back to being a patriot in the American Revolution. Henry and brother Christian are both listed with the DAR. Not sure which one but have a grandfather moving from Indiana to Harrison county, MO. I see a lot of Funks in Mo but none in New Hampton--Albany. So much to tell you--don't know where to start. I will end and tickle you with this: google Jesse Nathaniel Funk--my great-great uncle. What state are you in? I am in Az. Love and appreciate your websites. Please thank the family for all the hard work it took to complete. I have names to put in front of Bishop Henry. Thank You. [] Tom & Sherri



From: margaret howes
Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 1:41 AM
Subject: Funks/Donnegons


I'm extremely impressed with  Truly WOW!!!  I love the extensive history, sources, and photos.


I stumbled on your site when researching family ancestors that include Funks and Donnegans  I wasn't even aware of the ability to trace ancestors  until I tried to find out more about my mother's mother after she died   I was stunned by my ignorance about  my ancestors even though I had heard stories and such;  met some of them, but I never recorded anything but brief oblivious child.well into middle age actually


      Obviously, you are related to Harold Donegan Funk who was brother to my grandfather Robert Kennett Funk who married Gertrude Old---I knew them well along with their 2 sons Robert and "Jerry".  We visited Wolf Creek often


Robert James Funk was my father who married Leota Marie Jones.   They had 15 children.  I think he looked alot like Harold.  . 


I thought you might enjoy a couple photos that I recently aquired of Robert K and Gertrude (Old) Funk;  as young, older, and with their son Robert James' family in 1967 with 12 children---2 more were born after that and a previous child, Bernadette, died when born prematurely in 1955.  Also a couple photos with Harold.  


Personally, I love old photographs and history in general,    I also recently obtained a copy of a family tree and history compiled by Robert K Funk in the 1980s which I'm slowly deciphering, including current (at the time) information on families and descendents-------your Harold Donegon Funk family included---I notice some typos and a little misinformation but he certainly made a valiant effort especially considering the tools he had to work with at the time.  Also he tried to record information for his wife Gertrudes' (Old and Praught) family--an homage to his long love for her,,,,,,,,,,He loved her dearly, and always


      Thank you for an easier trace and confirmation to my father's side of family


My mother's family is harder to trace====native American- Assinboine-Sioux- Crow intermarried with white settlers, immigrants.   I  now have a partial pedigree chart prepared for someone on her father's side, a testimony signed by thumbprint of her g-g grandparents (they didn't speak English), and some  photos that I never realized were hiding out there in family stuff.  I felt I'd hit a gold mine even though it's not much and doesn't go back far; it's allowed me to find out more.


Again, I want you to know how much I appreciate your work on the website.  If I had found it sooner, along with my gradndfather's stuff, that would've saved ALOT of work.  My geneology stuff isn't nearly as sophisticated or as complete as yours....still alot of unanswered questions.  I just gathered information and took off running,  Then I gathered more information without citing sources which largely consisted of and   I have RootsMagic software which I haven't figured out an easy way to go back and cite sources.   What did you use?


Sorry that this is so long  Hope you enjoy the photos attached.


                                    Best Regards,

                                                Your cousin of sorts,  

                                                                        Maggi (Funk) Howes 

    Let me know how you fall in line with Harold???




From: The Halls
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 12:11 PM
Subject: website


In looking for some information on my motherís side of the family, I randomly decided to type in Grant Funk, my father, to see if there was anything out there.  I found your website.  Nothing really seemed to connect, but thought Iíd give you the little bit of information I have and see what my come of it.  I really donít know a lot about them.  As a little girl, I remember attending Funk family reunions in Aliquippa, PA. in the Pittsburgh area.  The family I knew of were in the Erwin, Aliquippa, Pittsburgh areas.    My great grandparents names were Grant and Flora Funk.  One of their sons, my grandfather, was William Edgar Funk.  He had two legal sons, Grant William and Raymond Edgar Funk.  Both of them had 4 children each.  My grandfather and uncle were horrible fathers and have children all over the place.  Uncle Ray had so many wives with only one of them being legal.  At one time, he was on the FBI most wanted list as I have heard.  I remember him but didnít like him at all.  I donít know if that is of any help with genealogy. 


Grant and Flora Funk

                William Edgar FunkÖ.had 2 legitimate sons and multiple illegitimate

                                Grant William FunkÖnow lives in Wilkesboro, NC

                                                Deborah O Funk Hall*; Florence C Funk Buckner; Grant William Funk Jr.;  Rose Marie Funk Cherrix

                                Raymond Edgar Ė deceased

                                                Patty, Ray Jr., Sandy and one other gril


**is me. 

                I do have a few pictures I will send you.


Thanks for all your hard work!!!


Debi Hall


This is William Edgar Funk.  We called him Granddaddy Bill.  I have a picture of his parents somewhere and I will try to find them.  I don't know when this was taken.  Thanks again!  Debi Hall




From: Ronnie Lynn Fisher
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2015 9:27 AM
Subject: Funck family


hello Jay I found your site on the Funck family .I am down line from Martin and Judith, I have visited their grave sites in Ebenezer,a very surreal dad was Bruce Funck he passed away 1996,was trying to get back as far as I got before the cancer took him home.Jay I did find Jacobs father, Hitz Funck m.Barbara Grubb ( but the last name was spelled differenty on other sites,but I was happy to find that one. I m writing from Campbelltown, Lebanon county Pa.

Thans for you posting your site .I did my DNA,was looking up more information.

have a great day Cousin

RonnieLynn Fisher nee Funck


8-25-14 : Email
Here is a picture of Silas Funk (Civil War Photo) and Jesse Funk with his daughter (my grandmother) Yuona Sue Funk.
Thought you might want to add one or both to your website.




From: januarystar
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 4:58 PM
Subject: Glad I could contribute to the Funks in Arizona with my marriage certificate and photo of Albert and Elnora Funk 6-10-2014 @ 3:57 PM

----- Original Message -----
From: januarystar
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 12:14 PM
Subject: Re: Family Website Re: Funks of Arizona comments 6-10-2014

could we possibly exchange information? My Funk Family Arizona Connection as of March 9, 1957. Father: Albert Arthur Funk Mother Edith Elnora Cutchall, preferred "Elnora" All moved FROM Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona.
Where can I view THIS STATE website for them? Thanks.. again sons Lewis and Bruce are deceased, parents are deceased, unknown whereabouts for daughter Marlene Funk Lobdell and son Merle Funk.

Bruce Norman Funk, son of Albert Arthur Funk and Edith Elnora Cutchall Funk. FIRST marriage
Divorce January 1971.

Albert Funk married to Edith Elnora Cutchall

From: januarystar
Sent: Saturday, June 7, 2014 7:46 AM
Subject: Family Website Re: Funks of Arizona

WOW didn't know this existed. How simply fantastic! I married Bruce Norman Funk in March on the 9th, 1957 here in Phoenix, Arizona and of course his father was Albert Arthur Funk and wife Edith Elnora (Cutchall) Funk. She preferred and used Elnora. The family consisted of Bruce, brother Louis, brother Merle and sister Marlene. Bruce and I were married until January 1971. In April 1971 he married Mildred Ann Jackson (nee: Simpson) I am now 76 and have married both a second and third time and this marriage is from February 16, 1980. Bruce died of complications due to Cancer. Mickey his widow and are still good friends. Lewis married Josephine and they had a son Terry and daughter Debbie. Josephine, after his death remarried and I believe she lives in Utah. Terry is a truck driver and Debbie and her second husband live in Queen Creek. I had been in touch with Ms. Pauley who lives south of me and she sent me some family Genealogy and so I have bits and pieces., Bruce and I did have a son and a daughter but they were adopted by my second husband Kenneth Allen Hiebert. Ken died of Cancer 22 February 2002. My maiden name was Jo Ann Byers. If we can connect would be great. I have tried to do my own Tree but there is a woman who says she works for LDS and so my Tree is constantly being deleted and changed so almost afraid to continue. She told me she can get into anyone's tree and I tried the private setting but she still gets into it so my Tree is just not accurate anymore. My legal name is January. my email is sending now Sat. 6-7-2014. I still live in Arizona but mom and dad Funk both died (they had Cancer also) in California I believe. Have no idea where Merle might be but I do know he had about five children with his wife Arlene and they long ago divorced. I think Marlene and husband Dave Lobdell moved out of California and are living elsewhere. Not being with the survivors of the Funk Family here in Arizona I have sketchy information.



From: David Harding
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 8:31 PM
To: Jay Funk
Subject: Funk Family Website


Hi Jay,


I just want to say hello.  I stumbled across your web site this afternoon and appreciate your collecting and sharing all the information.


I am a descendent of Catherine Funk (daughter of Jacob) and her first husband, Henry Harding.  Catherine's son Jacob was my great-great-grandfather.


As you note, Catherine and her second husband, Samuel McGee, moved to Edgar County, IL, in about 1825.  I'm not sure whether Catherine's son, George Harding, moved with them or followed.  In any case George was a farmer, as were several of his sons.  Jacob Harding served an apprenticeship with a newspaper printer in Corydon, IN, then moved to Knoxville.  There he read the law with a local attorney and politician, John Robinson Nelson, married the bosses daughter (Love Forrester Nelson), and with Nelson started a couple of unsuccessful newspapers. 

In the mid 1830's Jacob and family moved to Edgar County, setting up shop in the county seat, Paris, and raising a large family.  In the late 1840's, after the first couple of sons had done apprenticeships with newspapers in nearby counties, they started another newspaper, which survives today.  All the Hardings mentioned in 1879's "The History of Edgar County, Illinois" are related.


Best regards,

David Harding




From: Meg McGath
Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 12:57 AM
Subject: The Funk/DeCamp's of Muscatine Iowa


Hi, I found your web page and was SO amazed to see all the work you have done! I was so happy to find it! I was just searching around for some other line and the page popped up. My name is Meg, my mother is Susan DeCamp, the oldest of Paul W. DeCamp Sr. Paul W. DeCamp Sr. was the son of Earl Wayne DeCamp and Addie Lindley. Earl was the son of Philip DeCamp and Isabel Funk; daughter of Harbin Funk and Martha Applegate. I would love to give you some input on the family as of today as you only have Earl DeCamp and an Addie Unknown and a list of their children. Isabel Funk is my great-great grandmother then. Let me know if you would like an info update for your tree. I am also on if you are interested. memcgath is my screename.

Meg McGath



From: Joan Schacht []
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 2:13 PM
Subject: Family Website


Hi Jay, You have done a remarkable job on your family web page. My Funk line is through William Funk, son of Jacob and Williams second wife, Elizabeth Summers. My questions is who is the father of Elizabeth. The marriage records report Elizabeth as the daughter of Michael. It is only an abstract done by Beanblossom and I havenít seen the original to know if there is an error. What is your source for saying John Summers is the father? I have a hunch if Michael is the father, he is a brother to John, but I have little to do on.

My line is additionally through Williamís son Silas and his son Alva.


Have you found a will for William Funk and also John or Michael Summers?

I would be happy to give you my info on my line if you are branching out that far.


Joan Schacht


Jacob Funk
Birth:         Virginia
Marriage:   Julianna "Julia Ann" Heidrick born ~1771 in Virginia
Children:    1) Mary b: 17 MAY 1801 in VA

                    2) Catherine b: 1802 in VA
                    3) Samuel    b: 1804 in KY
                    3) Elizabeth b: 1806
                    4) John        b: 1808  or born May 5, 1816
                    5) Isaac       b: 1810
                    6) Michael   b: 1812
                    7) Nicholas  b: 1814
                    8) Philip       b: 1816
                    9) Susannah b: 1818

3/24/11 :


   I am writing concerning Jacob Funk who was born 1771 and died in 2 March 1849 and his wife, Julia Ann Heidrick born in 1779 and died 9 Oct 1856.  They were married in Shanendoah County, VA on 21 August 1802.  Their grave is located in Pike County, Ohio in a small family cemetery with their son Nicholas and several of his family. 

   Jacob and Julianna were the parents of six sons and four daughters.  1. Mary lived from 17 May 1801 until 21 April 1883.  She married Hezekiah Franklin.  2. Catherine was born in 1802.  She married Simeon Franklin.  3. Samuel lived from about 1806 until 1857 or 1858.  He married Nancy Hardgrove.  4. Elizabeth was born 1 Jan 1808 and died 11 Aug 1894.  She married James Bunting.  5. Susan lived from 2 April 1813 until 14 Oct 1895.  She married James Snyder.  6. Michael was born about 1814.  He married Margaret Mossbarger and is said to have moved west after 1860.  7. John was born 5 May 1816 and died 11 Dec 1905.  He married Lydia Lucretia Lull.  (They lived their whole lived in Muskingum County, Ohio and are my second great grandparents).  8. Isaac lived from 18 Aug 1819 until 22 Oct 1886.  He married Maria Louisa Stotts.  9. Nicholas was born 31 Jan 1824 and died 9 May 1886.  He married Lydia Gall and after she died he married Mary Graham.  10.  Philip was born about 1828.  He was living in Pike County, Ohio in 1850 and is thought to have died quite young.  He married Mary Ann Mosser.  I have visited most of these people's graves. 

   I had thought that Jacob's father's name was Michael Funk and Julia Ann's father's name was Christian Heidrick.  I believe this information was found on a Shanendoah County, Va marriage license. 

   I would appreciate very much hearing from you.  I am Rosan Echelberry

                                                                                Adamsville, Ohio

                                                                                Rosan Echelberry