Robert Kennett

Family History

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Robert Kennett Funk 1903-


Robert Kennett Funk
born April 19, 1903 at the Kennett Mine located in the Tobacco Root Mountains near Virginia City, Montana
married college classmate Gertrude Caroline Old.  Gertrude was from Novia Scotia, Canada. 


  1. Robert James Funk born about 1926

  2. Gerald A. "Jerry" Funk born in 1931

Jerry Funk

Jerry wrote a book titled: "Life is an Excellent Adventure: An Irreverent Personnal Odyssey"
Jerry Funk, born in 1931, grew up in small-town Montana, served in the US Navy in Korea and Indo-China, became an intelligence officer in the CIA, worked for several years in international labor affairs with the AFL-CIO (in the Caribbean and Africa and elsewhere), was on the National Security Council staff in the Carter White House, became a vice-president of Bankers Trust in NYC, and worked to re-elect President Shagari in Nigeria in 1983. He ran his own international economic and political consulting firm, and completed his career working seven years in the African diamond trade, retiring in 1995. Along the way he traveled 3 million miles, visited more than 100 countries, and raised three families of eleven remarkably interesting children. He resides in Helena, Montana.