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Indian Creek, Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

 Pioneer Henry Funck 1694-1758 located in what is now

 Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pa. in 1719.



Bishop Heinrich "Henry" Funck   1694 - 1758

Heinrich "Henry" Funk, Bishop
Birth:      ~1694 in Palatinate, Germany or Bonfield, east of the Rhine
               Son of Heinrich Meyli Funck (1639) and Barbara Hauberger Frey (1639)  
               (??? or Heinrich and Franey Funck)
Death:    1760 Franconia Township, Montgomery County, PA
Delp's Graveyard, Indian Creek Road, Franconia Township, Montgomery County, PA 
This was the original Funk burying ground.
               Stone marker erected for Bishop Funk. Near Bucks Co line near Telford, PA
Married: 1719 to Anne Meyer

Anne Meyer
Birth:    1702 in Salford, Montgomery, PA
              daughter of Christian Meyer 1676-1751 and Anna Barbara Bergey 1677-1751
                            both are buried in Delps Cemetery
Death:   July 8, 1758 at Indian Creek, Franconia Twp, Montgomery County, PA
Burial:   Delps Cemetery, Franonia Twp, Montgomery Co, PA
Married #1: Abraham Staupher
Married #2: Heinrich "Henry" Funck

Bishop Heinrich Funck and family came to America from Ibersheim in the Palatinate, leaving on March 21, 1717 and arrived in Philadelphia on August 10, 1717.  They traveled with a large group of Palatine Mennonites including Bishop Valentine Klemmer, Henrich Klemmer, Valentine Hunsicker, Henrich Ruth, John Landes, Hans Detweiler and his best friend Dielman Kolb.

On August 15, 1717 another ship arrived with 150 Palatines Mennonites. 
On August 24, 1717 three more ships arrived with another 262 Mennonite passengers.



1717  Arrived in Philadelphia.  Henry was well educated for the time.

1717  First Mennonite preacher at Salford and Franconia and bishop for the Franconia conference.

1718  December 20, land warrant to Heinrich Funck of Germantown for 101 3/4 acres on a branch of Perkeawming Creek. Later buys adjoining tracts. Total 201 acres. Also 166 acres "of ye Mannor Lands on ye upper part of a branch of Perkyoming", probably part of Perkasie Manor, Hilltown Twp, Bucks Co, PA willed to son Henry.

1719  Henry Funck settled at Indian Creek, Franconia Twp, Montgomery Co. PA and built the first mill on Indian Creek

1738  Henry Funck, Dielman Kolb, Christian Meyer, Jr & Abraham Reiff, deacons,
purchased land for Mennonite meetinghouse in Salford

1749  Henry operated first grist mill on Indian Creek in Franconia Township

1759  Will filed in Philadelphia in Will No. 274, S427 dated 13 June 1759.
Translated in A.J. Fretz pp. 13-20 and Frances Funck pp. 41-47

1760  Henry died at Indian Creek, Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA

1760  After the death of Funk which occurred in 1760, the executors John and Christian Funk, sold this tract in 1761 to Jacob Bear, a son-in-law of Henry Funk, who sold in 1763 to John Yellis, of Towamencin township. Funk was never naturalized and Bear also refused to be naturalized.  He therefore procured a patent and then sold it the same year to George Kriebel, of Upper Milford who sold it to Daniel Rosenberger in 1769.


Funk's Mill

680 Mill Road

Harleysville / Telford, Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania

Township: Franconia Twp.     Watersource: Indian Creek

1840 A chopping mill was installed

1894 Steam Power was added

3 bedroom, 1 bath    $400,000 *est. value in 2012


A Brief History of Bishop Henry Funck and Other Funk Pioneers

(20MB pdf)



Translated from Dutch into German by Dielman Kolb and Heinrich Funk.


This book is the great historical work of the Mennonites. and the most durable monument of that denomination. It traces the history of those Christians who from the time of the Apostles. were opposed to the baptism of infants and to warfare. including the Lyonites. Petrobusians and Waldenses; details the persecution of the Mennonites by the Spaniards in the Netherlands and the Galvinists in Switzerland, together with the individual sufferings of many hundreds who were burned. drowned. be headed. or otherwise maltreated: and contains the confessions of faith adopted by the different communities.


First published in 1660 in Dutch by Thieleman J. van Braght, documented the stories and testimonies of Christian martyrs, especially Anabaptists.  "Many copies of the book were brought to America. but they were in Dutch.  No German translation existed. and much the larger proportion of those who were interested in it could read only that language.


Children: (10 Children)

  1. Esther

    Birth:      ~1725 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA

    Married:  Johannes Showalter 1777

    Inherits ~1760 from father a trust fund larger than the worth of the mill.  Explicit Instructions 1760 Given by her father in his will to her siblings to care for her because she is crippled, "lame in all her limbs, could neither stand nor walk"

  2. John

    Birth:          ~1727 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA
    Death:         1807 in Perkasie, Hilltown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Married #1: Esther Yost Schlicter   ? (Lederach)

    Married #2: Barbara" Wismer


    John lived in Hilltown Twp where worked as a blacksmith and farmer.
    John's will was dated August 13, 1807 and recorded October 17, 1807 in Doylestown PA, Will Book 7:290.  He willed residence and 100 acres to son-in-law John Kolb for 750 pounds to be paid to named children.

    Esther Yost Schlicter
    Birth:   ~1726


    1. Maria Schlichter Funk        b: ABT 1754 in Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    2. Anna Schlichter Funk         b: 1756 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    3. John Schlichter Funk          b: ABT 1758

    4. Abraham Schlichter Funk   b: ABT 1760

    5. Isaac Schlichter Funk          b: ABT 1763 in Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    6. David Schlichter Rev. Funk b: 28 DEC 1765 in Hilltown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    7. Barbara Schlichter Funk      b: ABT 1766

    Barbara Wismer
    Birth: ~1730


    1. Jacob (Wismer) Funk
      Birth:  16 Dec 1796 in Springfield Twp. Bucks Co. PA. USA
      Married #1: Margaret Heldeman died 1829
      Married #2: Susannah (Kratz) Fretz on December 9, 1830
      1. Margaret (Fretz) Funk
      2. Esther (Fretz) Funk
      3. John (Fretz) Funk   

      Birth:        April 6, 1835 in Hilltown Twp. Bucks Co. PA

      Death:     January 8, 1930 in Elkhart, Indiana

      Burial:      Prairie Street cemetery, Elkhart, Indianna

      Religion: Mennonite & Presbyterian in Chicago

      Marriage: Salome Kratz
      Children:   Pheobe (Kratz) Funk



      4. Sarah (Fretz) Funk
      5. Abraham (Fretz) Funk
      6. Jacob Silas (Fretz) Funk born 13 Apr 1842 in Hilltown Twp. Bucks Co. PA
      7. Susan (Fretz) Funk

  3. Henry  1730-1817

    Birth:        1728-30 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    Death:      1817 in Rockingham, Virginia           (or ~1793 and buried in Trissels Cemetery, Rockingham,VA)
    Burial:      Trissels Cem, Rockingham, Virginia

    Marriage: Barbara Saunders Showalter ~1762

    Barbara Saunders Showalter
           ~1733-44 in Switzerland

    Death:    1824 in Singers Glen, Rockinghan County, Virginia

    Barbara Showalter arrived in Philadelphia with parents and 10 siblings on November 3, 1750 on the ship "Brotherhood", commanded by Capt. John Thomson. Ship departed Rotterdam with last port at Cowes, England.


    Henry was a Mennonite minister having been ordained in the Swamp district of Franconia, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. in 1768.  Henry migrated to the Shenandoah Valley, Rockingham County, Virginia. in 1786 and was the first Bishop of Mennonite Church in Rockingham County.  He was excommunicated because of the War Tax issue and became a "Funkite" preacher with brother Christian.  Controversy Over support of Continental Congress. Henry Funk believed, as did his brother Christian, they could be a legitimate authority to submit to but most others did not support the revolution against England


    Henry was a Miller at Hosensack


    1. Henry Showalter (VIRGINIA) III Funk b: 13 MAR 1760 in Hosensack, Pennsylvania

    2. Jacob Showalter Rev. Funk      b: 20 MAY 1761 in Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
      G-G-G-Grandfather of Annie Clemmer Funk who perished on the Titanic
      Read More ...

    3. Esther Showalter Funk             b: 27 JUL 1762 in Berks County, Pennsylvania

    4. Christian Showalter Funk
      Birth:       February 9, 1763 in Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
      Married:  Susan Geil born 1773 in PA; died Dec 14, 1859 in Rockingham County VA
      Death:     died summer 1853 in Rockingham County, Virginia suddenly after singing a hymn
      Children: Susan 1788; Henry died in infancy; Elizabeth 1798; Barbara 1798;
                      Catharine 1803; Abraham 1807; Rebecca 1810; Christian 1812;
                      Mary 1813; & Franey
      Christian was a farmer and also manufacturer of the old-fashioned sickle or reap hook
      They lived north of Harrisonburg, Virginia and west of (now) Broadway.
      Source: "History of the Descendents of J. Conrad Geil and His Son Jacob Geil" Page 14

    5. John Showalter Funk                b: 1764 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
      Children: Catherine Funk born 1796 married Henry Hoover

    6. Abraham Showalter Funk         b: ~1765

    7. Daniel Showalter Rev. Funk      b: 1769 in Pennsylvania

    8. Barbara Showalter Funk           b: 1771 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

    9. Elizabeth Showalter Funk          b: ~1775
      Married: 1st cousin Jacob Showalter, son of Valentine and Anna Funck Schowalter

    10. Susannah Showalter Funk          b: 30 OCT 1775 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

    11. Joseph Showalter Funk
      Birth:         April 6, 1778 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
      Residence: Singer's Glen. Mountain Valley
      Death:       December 24, 1862 and is buried in the cemetery at Singers Glen
      The first musician of the Shenandoah Valley, called the "Father of song in northern Virginia"

    12. Samuel Showalter Funk              b: ~1779

    13. Frances "Freny" Showalter Funk b: 24 FEB 1781 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

    Henry & Barbara (Showalter) Funk granted over 400 acres south of Showalter homestead by father Jacob Showalter in 1767 will (probated 1773) Will P-279-400, Philadelphia Co Courthouse, Phila PA. (cited in P.Brown article). On 24 Sep 1783 Henry inherited 166 acre farm "of ye manor Lands on y upp part of a branch of Perkyoming" from his father (Montgomery Co, PA estate papers) in Hilltown Twp, Bucks Co, PA. Lived there until 1786 when he and entire family (expcept Jacob) moved to VA. Settled 1.5 miles West of Singer's Glen, near Little North Mountain, Rockingham Co, VA.  This land later purchased by his Joseph Funk's son John Funk (A.J. Fretz p 306) in 1975 was owned by John's son Joseph Earle Funk (D. MacAllister p. 48).

  4. Christian "Funckin"

    Birth:        1731 at Funk homestead along Indian Creek in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA
    Death:      May 31, 1811
    Christian and wife buried at Delps Graveyard
    in Harleysville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    Marriage: ~ 1751 to Barbara Moyer Cassel


    Barbara Moyer Cassel
    Birth:   1731
    Death: December 29, 1792




    Lived at Indian Creek on land inherited from father. Later purchased remainder of Bishop Funck homestead and mill from brother Abraham.  He conveyed and mill to son-in-law John Detweiler.  Mill possibly known as "Bechtel"s Mill"

    Christian became a Mennonite minister at Franconia 1757.  He split with them over Revolutionary War "oath" and tax issues.  While the Mennonites were unanimous in their refusal to bear arms, there was some difference in certain quarters on the question of paying the special war taxes required by the government.  In 1778, Bishop Christian Funk, son of the pioneer Bishop Henry Funk, living in Indianfield Township in the Franconia region, insisted on the payment of the special tax, contrary to the general opinion of his fellow Mennonites of this region. As a result of this difference Funk was deposed by the fellowship and with some 52 followers organized an independent congregation that later came to be known as "Funkites" by those who disagreed with him. These "Funkites", first lead by brothers Christian and Henry Funk, retained their separate existence until about 1850.



    1. Anna Cassel Funk         b: 1756

    2. Elizabeth Cassel Funk  b: 1757

    3. Mary Cassel Funk          b: BET 1758 AND 1764

    4. Catherine Cassel Funk b: 12 JAN 1759

    5. Barbara Cassel Funk    b: 22 JAN 1760

    6. Sarah Cassel Funk        b: ABT 1761

    7. John Cassel Rev. Funk  b: 1762

    8. Susanna Cassel Funk    b: ABT 1766

    9. Abraham Cassel Funk   b: ABT 1766

    After Rosenberger's death, which occurred in 1771, the plantation was divided between his two sons.  David received the upper portion which is now the residence of John Bolton, who built a new house in 1780.  The date stone of this house has been preserved and is in the cellarway of the present house.  It bears the intials D.R.B. standing for David Rosen Berger.  According to the Rosenberger History he had married a daughter of Christian Funk, a Mennonite Bishop.  His children were Christian, David, Philip, Abraham, and Daniel, Elizabeth and Mary Ann.  By a second marriage Susanna, John, Henry, Froney and Valentine.

  5. Abraham

    Birth:        January or November 21, 1734 at Indian Creek, Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA
    Death:      April 16, 1788 in Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA

    Marriage: Mary Hunsberger Landes on January 19, 1758   (or May Landis)

    Mary Landes

    Death:    February 1828

    He inherited 53 acre homestead and mill at Indian Creek from father; in 1763 sold it to his brother Christian.  He bought 300 acres in Springfield Township, Bucks County from Stephen Twining.  It had a large log mansion and grist mill.  He added a saw mill.  Henry witnessed the battle of Brandywine. Two of his daughters married into the Stover family.  He was a member of Assembly, 1808-09.  Abraham Funk was the grandfather of Henry S. Funk of Springtown.  Among his descendants is Samuel F. Geil, a distinguished lawyer, Colorado.



    1. Catharine Landis Funk b: AFT 1758

    2. Henry Landis Funk       b: 13 MAR 1760

    3. Anna Landis Funk        b: 12 APR 1762

    4. Jacob Landis Funk       b: ABT 1765

    5. John Landes Funk        b: ABT 1771

    6. Elizabeth Landis Funk   b: 20 MAY 1772 in Springfield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    7. Susannah Landis Funk  b: ABT 1774

    8. Abraham Landis Funk  b: ABT 1776

  6. Mary

    Birth:      ~1736 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA

    Married: Jacob Natt born ~1736

  7. Fronica or Fronecka

    Birth: ~1740 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA

  8. Anne "Anna"

    Birth:      April 1, 1741 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA


    Married: Valentine Schowalter in 1765 in PA

    Valentine "Felty" Showalter
    Birth:   1738 in Switzerland
    Death: 1803 in Rockingham County, Virginia

    1750 Immigrated to Pennsylvania with parents Jacob Showalter and 10 siblings
             Arrived Nov 3, 1750 on ship "Brotherhood" commanded by Capt. John Thomson
             Departed Rotterdam with last port at Cowes, England
    1769 Valentine moved to Chester County, PA where he lived near his Brothers, Daniel & John in Tredyffrin Twp. 
    1779 Tax Lists show him as a Weaver
    1781-1782-1784 Revolutionary War soldier as 3rd class soldier from Reamstown District, Lancaster County, PA
             Valentine is repaid by the Continental Congress for damages done by the British Army,
              during the Battle of Brandywine, 250-500 pounds sterling.
    1789-1790 he moved to Rockingham County, Va. where he died.


    1. John
      Birth:       ~1765

    2. Jacob
      Birth:       1767
      Married:  1st cousin, Elizabeth Funk 1790 in Montgomery County, PA
                      Elizabeth was a daughter of Henry & Barbara (Showalter) Funk

    3. Christopher Christian
      Birth:       ~1769 in Chester County, Pennsylvania

    4. Catherine
      Birth:       ~1771

    5. Joseph
      Birth:       ~1773 in Pennsylvania

    6. Susannah
      Birth:       ~1775

    7. Mary
      Birth:       ~1776 in Rockingham County, Virginia

    8. Nancy Ann
      Birth:       1778 in Chester County, Pennsylvania


  9. Veronica ????????

    Birth:      January 1, 1745

  10. Elizabeth

    Birth:      1749 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA
    Married: Jacob (Baer) Beyer born ~1749

  11. Barbara

    Birth:      November 25, 1752 in Franconia Twp, Montgomery, PA
    Death:    in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    Burial:    Cemetery at Franconia Mennonite Church

    Married: Jacob Souder about 1771

    Jacob Souder
    Birth: ~1743 in Pennsylvania
    Death: 11 MAY 1814 in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    Burial: 1814 Cemetery at Franconia Mennonite Church, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    Military Service: Served in Revolutionary War - Enrolled in 4th Class, 4th Company, 5th Batallion,
                                Philadelphia County Militia under Captain John Cope, Franconia Township)

    Jacob and Barbara lived on the Souder homestead called "Pioneer Farm" in Franconia Township



    1. Catharine Funk Souder

    2. August Funk Souder

    3. David Funk Souder

    4. Veronica Funk Souder

    5. Maria Funk Souder         b: ABT 1767

    6. Elizabeth* Funk Souder b: 1771 in Franconia Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

    7. Anna Funk Souder          b: AFT 1771

    8. Barbara Funk Souder     b: AFT 1771

    9. Susanna Funk Souder    b: 1 APR 1779

    10. Christian Funk Souder    b: 14 FEB 1791

    11. John Funk Souder           b: 1792





Singers Glen, Virginia


In 1786 Henry Funk (1730-1817), son of Bishop Heinrich Funck, and wife Barbara Saunders Showalter migrated to Shenandoah Valley. He was the first Bishop of Mennonite Church in Rockingham County.

Joseph Funk House:

In 1804, Joseph Funk built a log house in what was then called Mountain Valley and later become Singers Glen.  The home was originally constructed of logs and weatherboard.


Joseph Funk, described as a pious and progressive Mennonite leader, was born April 6, 1778 and moved to Rockingham County with his parents Henry and Barbara Funk in 1786. In 1804 he married Elizabeth Rhodes and they raised nine children.


He held singing schools, patented the shaped notes system, established the first Mennonite printing house in Virginia, and produced the Harmonia Sacra hymnbook.   Joseph Funk published seven books in his lifetime. They were all about hymns or sacred coral music.  In his day most Mennonites believed that writing music down on paper was too worldly and they preferred to have a choir sing the music for them. Joseph Funk believed that everyone should be involved in the singing.  By writing choral music, he allowed everyone to be involved in the worship through song.





In 1860 a post office was established at Mountain Valley, and the name was changed to Singer's Glen. Mountain Valley had already become famous as the home of Joseph Funk, father of song in Northern Virginia, as the place of his school, and as the place where he and his sons printed and bound the music books and other publications that were being sent all over the country. The appropriateness of the present name has been proved by both the nature of the work that Joseph Funk & Sons kept up there till the later 70's and the character of the people who still live there


Joseph died on December 24, 1862 and is buried in the cemetery at Singers Glen

Joseph's grave marker says he was born on March 9, 1777
"Our Father ... Aged 85 yrs., 9 mo., 15 ds."