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Jacob Funk (Funck)  : ~1590 - 1645

Jacob Funk,
Birth: 1590
Death: 20 FEB 1645 in Mettmenstetten
Marriage 1 Anna Kolb

Anna Kolb


  1. Heinrich Kolb Funk    b: 1617
    Birth: 1617
    Marriage 1 Magdelena Pitzge

  2. Anna Kolb Funk         b: 1618

  3. Adli Kolb Funk           b: 1620

  4. Vrenli Kolb Funk        b: 1623

  5. Kungold Kolb Funk    b: 1631


Heinrich Kolb Funck : 1617

Heinrich Kolb Funck
Birth: 1617
Marriage 1 Magdelena Pitzge 1647 in Germany / Switzerland

Magdelena Pitzge

Birth:     ~1631



  1. Son Funk
    MARY 166 FUNK
    HEINRICH 161 FUNK b: ABT 1687
    MARTIN 163 FUNK b: 1 JAN 1693
    JACOB (PA) (Funck) FUNK b: 1695 in Switzerland

  2. Unknown Pitzge Funck  b: ABT 1649

  3. Jacob Pitzge Funck        b: ABT 1653

  4. Daughter Funk               Birth: ~1657

  5. Hans Pitzge Funk
    Birth:     1661
    Death:    September 5, 1734
    Married: Verena

  6. Ulrich Funk                    Birth: ~1655

  7. Heinrich Pitzge Funck     b: ABT 1665

Descendants of Heinrich Funck Sr
Author: Fred L. Funk

Hans Pitzge Funck : 1661 - 1734

Hans Pitzge Funck
Birth:   1661
Death: September 5, 1734

Verena Franey

Birth:     ~1671



  1. Jacob Funk
    Birth:       ~1692
    Death:      June 14, 1756 in Montgomery County, PA
    Married:  Barbara Oberholtzer in 1729 in Montgomery County, PA
    Spouse:    Barbara Oberholtzer born ~1704-1718 in Europe; died February 3, 1765

  2. Henrich Funk   b: ~1694

  3. Christian Funk b: ~1694

  4. Hans Funk       b: ~1700

  5. Martin Funk     b: ~1702

Jacob Funck : 1692 - 1756

Jacob Funck
Birth:       ~1692
Death:      June 14, 1756 in Montgomery County, PA
Married:  Barbara Oberholtzer in 1729 in Montgomery County, PA

Barbara Krey Oberholtzer

Birth:     ~1704-1718 in Europe
Father:  Jacob Oberholtzer
                Birth:   before 1690 in Germany (Prob from the Swiss town of Oberholt)
                Death: ~1756 in Salford, Montgomery, PA
                Burial: Franconia Mennonite Burying Ground, PA
Mother: Deborah Krey
                Birth:    ~1711 in Creyfield, Holland/Germany
                Death: after October 17, 1761 in Salford, Montgomery, PA
                Burial: Franconia Mennonite Burying Ground, PA
Death:   February 3, 1765

The Descendants of Jacob Oberholtzer in America.
It is not know what year Jacob Oberholtzer came to America from Europe, but in the year 1719 he is listed in the Franconia Township, Montgomery Couny, Pennsylvania records, along with Samule Moyer, Henry Funk, and other Swiss emigrants.
From extant records it appears that the original settlers of the Indian Creek Valley in Franconia and Salford Townships, then Philadelphia County, but now Montgomery, as well as the early settlers of the adjoining counties, Buck and Berks, [including the families: Bauer, Bechtel, Clemmer, Funk, Kindig, Moyer, Oberholtzer, Schumacher, Stauffer, and Ziegler] emigrated from Switzerland and The Palatinate to Pennsylvania about or before 1719.




  1. Jacob Oberholtzer Funk
    Birth:        March 13, 1729-30
    Death:      March 14, 1816 in Germantown Mennonite, Philadelphia, PA
    Marriage: Anna HUNSBERGER b: 1 FEB 1727-28
    Children:  Elizabeth Hunsberger Funk
                        Birth:        20 NOV 1768      Death: 28 DEC 1851
                        Burial:       Lower Skippack Mennonite, Montgomery, PA
                        Marriage:  Daniel Rittenhouse KOLB KULP b: 1766

  2. Barbara Oberholtzer Funk
    Birth:        1749
    Marriage: Isaac Hunsberger BENNER b: 1749 in Benner Homestead, Franconia Twp, Mongomery County, PA
    Children:  Sarah BENNER b: 30 SEP 1800 in Willow Grove, PA

  3. Maria Oberholtzer Funk b: ABT 1737

  4. Samuel Oberholtzer Funk b: ABT 1740

The Oberholtzer Book: A Foundation Book of Oberholtzer Immigrants and Unestablished Lines.  Barbara Ford.  Oberholser Family Association, 1995. 424 pp. (hard). Major: Alderfer, Bachman, Baker, Bashore, Baum, Bauman, Bechtel, Benner, Bieler, Bowman, Boyer, Cable, Chronister, Delp, Detweiler, Doan, Eby, Eiken-berry, Flory, Frederick, Fretz, Funk, Godshall, Gross, Hagey, Oberholtzer/ Overholt/ Overholtzer/ Overhuls, Stauffer, Weaver; index; bibliography; illustrations.  $31.50 

Philadelphia Area Counties

1756 Emmigrated to America


Jacob Oberholtzer Funck : 1730 - 1816

Jacob Oberholtzer Funck
Birth:          13 MAR 1730
Death:        11 MAR 1816
Burial:        1816 Cemetery of Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1 Anna Benner
Marriage 2 Ann Hunsberger ~1764

Anna Benner

Birth:     ~1730

Anna Hunsberger

Birth:     1 FEB 1728 in Hatfield, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania


  1. Wilhelmina Hunsberger Funk

  2. Barbara Hunsberger Funk b: ABT 1754

  3. John Hunsberger Funk b: ABT 1758

  4. Mary Hunsberger Funk b: 12 MAR 1760

  5. Samuel Hunsberger Funk b: 6 MAR 1762

  6. Anna Hunsberger Funk b: 10 MAY 1767 in PA

  7. Elizabeth Hunsberger Funk b: 20 NOV 1768

1765 Mennonite Minister at Franconia;  Preacher In the Mennonite Church in Germantown for 42 years

1774 Bought farm in Cheltenham near Germantown and transferred his minister's office to the congregation in Germantown