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Welcome to our family pages.  We are Jay Funk and Barbra Ballard Funk and these pages are a labor of love for our children and the reset of the family.  These pages are simply an attempt to research and document where our families have come from, plus any other interesting tid-bits.

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From: Annnocella
Sent: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 1:30 PM
Subject: Purcell Family Website

Dear Jay and Barbra,

Hello! I wanted to say I found your Purcell website. Very impressive! And I've got some photos for you.

I'm also descended from an Irish Purcell although I don't think we can link up anywhere. My ancestor, Margaret Purcell, born 1841-42, immigrated to New York around 1860. In NY she married a guy named Flanagan, had three kids, then married John Epting (my ancestor) and had two more kids. They all ended up in Ohio.

Last month I finally made it to Ireland. I did some research prior to leaving and found three Purcell castles in Tipperary. All three are near each other, near Thurles.

It was late in the day, so it's a little dark, but I think this is a little bit better photo of the Loughmoe castle than the one you have. According to a web site I found, this was the "ancestral home of the Purcell family".

Below is the Ballynahow castle. It sits on the land of a farmer named Finn. The cool thing about this castle is we could climb up into it all the way to the top. It hasn't been restored so it was quite an adventure. I've got more photos of the inside of it if you'd like to see them. Let me know.

Below is Killahara castle. It's been fully restored and the owner rents it out for family get-togethers and parties. To see pictures of the inside and to read about it, their web site is: www.Killaharacastle.com

We spoke with Mr. Finn, owner of the Ballynahow castle, and with Patrick Noel Ryan, owner of the Killahara castle. Both had modern homes next door to their castles. They seemed to give us conflicting stories about their two castles, which are very near each other. Finn said that the Purcells built Ballynahow castle but it was the Fogertys who actually lived in it. Finn is related to the Fogerty family and said the land/castle has been in his family for centuries. He explained that the Purcells were builders, not in the sense of being bricklayers but they were "developers" who hired thousands of workers to build castles for other people. As a result they were extremely wealthy, an idea that seems to be verified by the looks of the Loughmoe castle. Ryan, on the other hand, said that Killahara castle was built by the Fogertys and lived in by the Purcells - just the opposite. So I think somebody has their facts wrong.

I am wondering if you know anything about the Purcells being castle-builders?

Carol Nocella




From: Earl Paazig
Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 7:12 PM
To: jay@usfunks.net
Subject: Purcell Family Website


I found your website for the Purcells on the web.  Itís most helpful and I believe I have a family link.


I am a G-G-Grandson of Sarah Jane Beall, daughter of Zephaniah Beall and Mary Purcell.  Thank you for adding a couple of generations to my tree and providing one more line back to my Irish roots.

I have paper copies of family portraits of these people.


Thanks again,


Earl Paazig


Son of Merle Paazig and Goldie Chapman

Grandson of Clarence Paazig and Laura Steinmetz

Great-Grandson of Dr. Maximilian Paazig and Rebecca Welsh

Great-Great Grandson of John Welsh and Sarah Jane Beall

Great-Great-Great Grandson of Zephaniah Beall and Mary Purcell



Paul Pursell
Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2011 9:38 AM
To: jay@usfunks.net
Subject: Family History




Thank you so much for putting together the wonderful family history page on descendents from John Parcel.  I am one of his decendents also and I was wondering if you had any contact information for Cedric Parcell so I could get a copy of his book 'The Heirs of Turgis de Pateshall'.  I have been trying to hunt him down to order his book and I have been unsuccessful to this point.  Please let me know if you have access to him or any other good books or sites on our relatives.  Any information that you can give would be very helpful.  Please let me know if you have any questions about our history and I will let you know what I have also.




Paul Pursell




From: Blake Lewis
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 9:57 AM
To: jay@usfunks.net
Subject: Family Website


Hi Guys,


I just found out that my maternal grandfather (who died before I turned one) was 100% Irish.  His name was Warren Henry Purcell, and he was an oiler on the Illinois Central Railroad.  He was one of the Purcell clan that made its way to Kentucky in the 1800s.


Just an FYI.


Thanks for the work you are doing.


My wifeís maiden name is Cavanaugh, and she, myself and her brother, his wife, son and daughter in law, along with some of my wifeís cousins (also Cavanaugh) are traveling to Ireland in May for what is turning out to be a journey of self discovery.