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On May 26, 1863, Barney Hughes, Thomas Cover, Henry Rodgers, William Fairweather, Henry Edgar and Bill Sweeney camped along a small stream fringed with alder trees. Fairweather and Edgar went to prospect a place of rimrock. Fairweather dug the dirt, filled a pan and told Edgar to wash the pan in the hope of getting enough gold to buy tobacco. When the first pan turned up $2.40, they knew the gulch had great potential.


Word spread like wildfire. Miners covered the hillsides with tents, brush shelters and crude log cabins. On June 16, the Varina Town Company platted the town. Some, supporters of Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy, intended to name the new town after Jefferson Davis' wife, Varina. But the newly elected miners' court judge, Dr. G. G. Bissell, was an equally stubborn Unionist. When it came time to file the official documents, he submitted the name Virginia instead.



Harland "Harley" Stephens & Dorothy E. Burgstrom


Harland "Harley" Stephens
Birth:            June 28, 1914

Veteran:       PFC US Army WWII
Dorothy E. Burgstrom August 25, 1943
Death:          March 10, 1995
Burial:          Virginia City Cemetery


Dorothy E. Burgstrom

Birth:            April 13, 1921 in Virginia City Montana
Occupation: worked in Welfare office in VC
                     Stephens' Mercantile grocery store
Marriage:     Harland "Harley" Stephens pm August 25, 1943
Death:           January 15, 2001
Burial:           Virginia City Cemetery
                       Stephens, Dorothy E., b. 13 Apr 1921, d. 15 Jan 2001, m. 25 Aug 1943

1930 US Federal Census - Butte, Silver Bow, Mt - Dorothy 5 living with uncle Young

1940 US Federal Census - Virginia City, Union, Madison, Montana Dorothy age 18

Occupation:   Stephens' Mercantile grocery store in Virginia City


Children:       Ginger & Janet